Brand/Visual designer based in San Francisco. Gradutated with a BFA in Graphic Design from California College of the Arts. Currently looking for a full-time brand/visual designer position.


Differentiation has evolved from a focus on “what it is,” to “what it does,” to “how you’ll feel,” to “who you are.” While features, benefits, and price are still important to people, experiences and personal identity are even more important.

The Brand Gap, Marty Neumeier


Branding, Campaign Design, Student Project

A campaign that advocates the benefits of optimistic thinking to millennials

70% of millennials are unhappy with their current life, and project optimism believes that this can be

changed with positive thinking. its central vision is “positive thinking leads to positive results”.By connecting visual cues for “happiness” that is common with millennials (i.e. bright colors, aesthetic simplicity) with the message of hope and optimism, this organization aims to promote the benefits of thinking positively to a generation that has been statistically proven to be highly prone to depression.


The Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association aims to be a place for neighbors to come together and chart the course of their own neighborhood. Through research and consideration, I concluded that my main challenge was to create a logo that maintains a welcoming quality while indicating proficiency and competence.


My first step was to create a questionnaire to better understand the client’s vision for the organization. Upon receiving the completed questionnaire, I moved on to the next step: in-depth research of Potrero Hill’s history and interviews of local residents.


Based on the variety of primary and secondary research that I have collected, I defined 3 central brand pillars, which then enabled me to explore possible visual languages. The final step was to differentiate these descriptions into 3 distinct directions.

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